About me

My facebook oneWelcome to my website. I live and work in Oxford as a parish priest. My major interests are in history and languages – mostly ancient but not entirely. I also love listening to music (most types), growing organic veg and reading (again quite a range). This might though give you a false impression of some sort of Oxford don living in splendid isolation cut off from ordinary life so you probably need a bit more information…

I am originally from the East End of London, was educated at a Girls Grammar School in Colchester and I went on to fulfil my ambition of reading Classics at Kings, College, London. Then what? I did not think I was going to hack teaching or becoming a lawyer in the long term – I had been pushing away a sense of vocation to ordained ministry since my teens but at this stage the Church of England did not ordain women so I had no obvious path to pursue in life.

I married John Bardwell and I worked for a couple of years before I finally presented myself to Bishop Graham Leonard as a candidate for full time ministry (as a deaconess) in the Church of England. I then spent 3 years at St Stephen’s House, Oxford before serving as an Assistant Curate in Hereford for a further 3 years.
Now a fully fledged Deacon I returned to St Stephen’s House to teach Pastoral Studies, Church History and New Testament Greek a combination of the practical and academic that suited me very well. After 6 years I was ordained a priest and moved to St Michael’s in New Marston where I have now been Vicar for – well, let’s just say quite a while. Anything wrong with how the parish church is run is down to me now…this is a diverse and down to earth sort of place so there is never a dull moment here.

You can read much more parish and official vicar’s stuff at www.stmichaelandallangelsnewmarston.org.uk  The Parish website tab at the top of the page will take you directly there. In addition if you wish to see the most recent Sunday pewsheet you can find it by clicking on this link:   Advent 3 2014 B and you can find the latest email newsletter here: This week 14 Dec 2014

I also have New Testament Greek teaching links with St Stephen’s House (and I say Mass there once a week) and Ripon College, Cuddesdon. I am part-time Fellows’ Chaplain at Magdalen College, Oxford. This means my pastoral and social life spans just about every section of society and age range and background, which I love.

What more can I tell you about myself? I speak some German, I can knit and I am currently writing a book on Ambrose of Milan. I enjoy being with people as much as loitering in the study. The real purpose of this website is to share some of my personal reflections on life, the universe and everything (not necessarily always religious stuff) which I am hoping will find kindred spirits out there in big wide world.