Monthly Archives: April 2015

A great knit

I have been convalescing lately and needed to keep myself occupied without any physical exertion. Daytime TV might have been an option but I opted instead to reduce my considerable stash of yarn accumulated over a lifetime of knitting. In recent years I have knitted a whole series of jumpers, mostly for others and there is always some, if not a lot of wool left over and there it sits, crammed into various corners of cupboards and wardrobes, wrapped in a variety of plastic bags, waiting for someone to come along and liberate it into something amazing. What to do with all these odds and ends? Well knit small items and in more than one colour! So it is that I have revised my skills with knitting in more than one colour at a time and rediscovering what fun it is to knit in the round. I have produced two hats, three pairs of mittens and two pairs of socks this year so far.
Here are my stash busting Easter socks – the pattern is the standard heel and gusset variety of sock with a design of my own. Knitted in double knit wool rather than ‘proper’ sock yarn so they are not meant for everyday wear but for special occasions – like Easter day!
I know that a lot of people would say, “Why go to all that effort to knit something that you can buy really cheaply in the shops?” Firstly there is nothing that can beat that feeling of soft comfort around your feet when you put on a pair of hand knitted socks. These particular socks are made of soft pure wool and they positively caress your feet. Secondly, you cannot buy socks with this design from shops. Thirdly, you cannot beat the magic of sock knitting. They don’t take very long – you can usually knit a pair on a bit of evening time only over a couple of weeks or sooner if you are a quick knitter. And then there is the alchemy of knitting in one direction and turning the heel so you are knitting in the other. So, I have now rediscovered the fun I first enjoyed as a teenager of knitting socks with any design I like and with something that fits really well to wear at the end. Nowadays there are real sock yarns that do clever things like ‘self stripe’! Looks like I will need to buy some new yarn to try that out – so as fast as I am knitting up my yarn stash, I will probably be acquiring more…
I never was much good at arithmetic – perhaps I should blame my knitting habit for that!