Daily Archives: July 7, 2013

All at Sea

Ahoy there, shipmates! About every 3 years we follow some sort of theme during the summer in our church which enables us to combine our Sunday worship with the wider world. Previous themes have included Travels with St Paul in which we matched modern cities to the ones St Paul visited and thought about urban life, ideas, globalisation etc. We have also had as a theme The Elements in which we considered water, land, air and fire. This one paired up some famous Bible stories and current scientific knowledge about our universe. And so it was time for another theme and we have chosen The Sea which you may think is a bit perverse since here in Oxford is just about as far from the sea as you can get in Britain. It is for this very reason that we need to remind ourselves just how much we have relied on the seas and still do as a nation. Not surprisingly it is also a major feature of Bible imagery.

So from 30th June to 25th August this year we shall be engaging in a whole variety of sea inspired services and events. Sunday mornings we delve (or should I say ‘dive’) into some well known and lesser known sea passages in the Scriptures and as the weeks go by we shall be on a spiritual voyage from birth/baptism onwards as we sound the depths of human experiences in life and death and beyond.

Alongside Sunday mornings we have some sort of social gathering or event with nautical inspiration: a couple of film evenings, a boat trip, a visit to the dockyard museum in Portsmouth, a trip to the seaside and more.

In addition we have a couple of talks from those who have experience of sea going (a rower who took part in the Trireme reconstruction project and a former Royal Navy man on life in a submarine) and we have nominated a ‘Vessel of the Week’ in which we all think about its purpose and produce some material to make a display on our large back wall in church. If goes according to plan we will end up with an impressive and informative presentation of the many ways we rely on the sea. During the school summer holidays we are challenging our children to build a model ship for under £10 which will actually float…

If you would like to know more or you have clicked through from the parish website to find out what is happening this link will take you to the right place Summer Poster of events